How can we get to know Jesus better? What if we could spend some time with one of his disciples? Which disciple would you choose to hang out with? If I could choose, I would choose Peter. Why? Because I relate to Peter! I think many of us relate to Peter. It’s interesting to note how many gospel narratives that include Peter. It seems that he was either the hero or the goat of most stories. 

However, one thing is for sure: Peter KNEW Jesus. Peter followed Jesus. Peter spent 3 years with Jesus. Eating with Jesus. Camping with Jesus. Ministering with Jesus and watching his every move. In this series I’m handpicking stories from the gospels that interact with Peter. Let’s see what we can learn about what it means to know Jesus, follow Jesus, and commit to Jesus. Peter’s epistles show us a man who was radically changed by Jesus. Let’s study together the stories and the experiences that forged this radical change in Peter, the Fisherman.