AWANA is our children's activity which includes learning Bible verses, playing games, and hearing about Jesus.

The Student Ministries are classes for both Middle School and High School Students with a time for games, music, and a lesson from God's Word.

At Willow Creek University, adults learn more about God in a small class setting. Every three years, we offer all the classes that would be offered in the first year of Bible College.

God and Politics – Pastor Josh and Pastor Zach

What is the relationship between the government and the church?  How important is religious liberty? What were the religious beliefs of the Founding Fathers of our country?  Join Pastor Josh and Pastor Zach as they explore questions about politics from biblical and historical perspectives. 

 Making Sense of the Old Testament, Part 1  – Pastor Mike

When you read a passage of the Old Testament and it tells you to marry your brother’s wife when he dies, it can be tricky to know exactly what to do with the passage.  Join Pastor Mike as he shows how the Old Testament is a helpful tool in understanding The Gospel.  This class is Part 1 of 3 and will discuss the first five books of the Old Testament. 

Getting to the Heart of Parenting - Scott and Lori Ward

Parenting is all about the exposure and chagne of the child's heart.  When the heart of a child changes the behavioral chagne that is needed will last.  Learn how to be an instrument of heart changing grace in this Paul Tripp video series. 

Playing With an Unlucky Seven–Cody Dolinsek (Cost: $15/book)

As Christians, we are regularly told that we are sinners.  While this is doubtless true, the idea that we are sinners needs to have some flesh put on it.  That help will come, at least for many, from an unlikely source: desert monks from early church history as well as from the medieval philosopher Thomas Aquinas.  The book we will be reading is Glittering Vices: A New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins by Rebecca DeYoung.  The sins are: envy, lust, sloth, gluttony, anger, vainglory, and avarice.  The goal of the study will be not to wallow in misery but to rejoice in grace and to have a renewed appreciation for what we are still being saved from in Christ. 

Intro to Biblical Counseling - Pastor Trent

Intro to Biblical Counseling is the final training module for individuals wanting to serve on the Creek Counseling Team. Class size is limited to 15, so preference is given to those who have taken other counseling classes. 

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