Here at The Creek we realize that most of our community is connected to a smartphone or tablet, and we want to help you use your device for the glory of God! These aren't the only ways to do that, but they can help you on the way!


The Creek App is your one stop for sermon podcasts and event updates. We launched our app in 2014, and since then, it has had over 3,500 downloads and roughly 45,000 plays on various sermons and testimony videos.

On The Creek App, you will find sermons dating back to 2012 (with more on the way) and details about all of our current events. Another valuable resource found in the app is The One Year Bible, or as we call it, the Creek Reading. In the reading tab, you have the option to read the text for yourself or have the app read it to you. (iOSGoogle PlayWindowsAmazon)


If you’re new to The Creek, then you may not be plugged into The City yet. What the The City app does for us as a church is help us communicate quickly and easily within the church body. In the app, you will have the opportunity to opt in for push notifications so that every time there is something published or shared that is pertinent to you, you will be notified. Another great feature of The City app is that you can give your tithes or offering online via your phone or tablet. (iOSAndroid)


The past two years we have challenged our community to spend more time in the Word. We have taken up the One Year Bible Reading, effectively dubbed the Creek Reading. This year ,upon the success that we’ve had with the Creek Reading, we’ve added to the list of must-have apps: Fighter Verses. Fighter verses is a program that focuses on memorizing verses throughout the year.

The app gives you one passage (sometimes just one verse, sometimes a couple verses) to memorize each week. It also gives you resources to help you memorize the verse through songs and quizzes. Also available is the opportunity to study the passage more deeply through reference passages and searching through (iOSAndroid)


Finally, we encourage everybody to have a Bible app. There are many out there. By far, the most popular is the YouVersion Bible app that is available on all platforms. That isn’t the only good Bible app out there though. We also recommend the ESV Bible and NeuBible.

The YouVersion app has the most in terms of features. It includes a myriad of choices when it comes to languages and translations. It also offers dozens of reading plans (including the Creek Reading) for just about every occasion and length of time. (iOSAndroidWindows.Amazon)

The ESV Bible app has study notes attached with the passages, which is a huge plus. It also includes many reading plans. Unfortunately, it does not include the Creek Reading plan. (iOSAndroid)

NeuBible is the least feature laden, which some will find refreshing. NeuBible is simple, and quite frankly, it is a beautiful app. If you’re anything like me, then simplicity and aesthetics are a huge plus when it comes to choosing an app. (iOS)