Big Idea: God loves us by allowing us to feel the painful consequences of our sin.

Sermon Recap:  Hosea’s wife, Gomer, had been prostituting herself without remorse for years.  Hosea and his children tried to intervene and counsel her, but she continued to commit adultery.  The time had come for Hosea to kick her out of their home.  With much pain and sorrow, he stripped her naked and cast her out into the street.  

We can only imagine how difficult this was for Hosea; however, we know this was ultimately an act of tough love.  Hosea loved Gomer enough to call her out on her sin and let her feel its natural consequences.

Just like with Gomer, sometimes God has to let us learn the hard way.  Our sinful choices WILL backfire on us, and if we do not turn from them ourselves, He will take off His loving hand of protection and let their natural consequences play out.  He doesn’t do this because He delights in seeing us suffer.  On the contrary, He is a loving Father who knows that pursuing anything other than Him will leave us lost and vulnerable.  Sometimes, the best thing He can do is let us learn (maybe even hitting even hit rock-bottom) so we will ultimately run back to Him.

Application: Seeking direction and security outside of God is a dead-end street.  Where do you seek security?  Is it through...

Christian self-help books or blogs?  God uses His Word and the godly brothers and sisters who are in your life to speak to you.  Don’t spurn their counsel.

Clothing or your appearance?  Beauty WILL fade and clothing styles come and go.

Your career?  Jobs can be taken away.  Money depletes.  These provide no lasting security.

The approval of the opposite sex?  Or pornography?  These things ruin marriages and will leave you alone and vulnerable.

Remember, God lets you experience pain so you will run back to Him.  HE is our source of true security and love.

Tweetable Quotes:

Sometimes love requires momentary unpleasantness for long-term joy. #ScandalousLove

Seeking security outside of God leaves us completely vulnerable and lost. #iamgomer

Out of God’s passionate love comes His tough love. #ScandalousLove

Why does God let us experience consequences?  So we run to Him as a child. #iamgomer

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