Recent events about Planned Parenthood have had massive worldview applications and left us with questions.  How can an organization be so calloused?  How far can we sink as a society before we hit bottom?  These questions can consume us, but rather than drink from the world’s gutters, look at Psalm 36 and see David’s example.  He too was surrounded by the questions of evil, but he knew he must always remember that God’s love is infinitely greater than the evil of man.  

At the beginning of the psalm, David laments the threat of sin around him. Given insight into the sinfulness of man, David chronicles the downward spiral of mankind. Wicked people (those who live life apart from God no matter how good they appear) have no fear of God to guide them. Why?  Because they are too obsessed with self and have inoculated themselves against the sinfulness of sin. Don’t we do this as well?  We become experts on ignoring our sin, soothing our conscience, and convincing ourselves it is not our problem or fault.  In order to remain sensitive to sin we need to consistently confess it; we must look away from evil and gaze on the beauty of Christ.  And praise the Lord, He is faithful to forgive because of His love!  

Reflect on these truths:

    God’s love is…

Infinite in time.  It has existed in the form of the perfect trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for all eternity.  

Infinite in relation to all His other attributes.  He is merciful, loving, just, faithful, etc. all at the same time and at every moment.

Infinite in its demonstration.  It was demonstrated in the OT through saving Noah and his family in the ark during the flood. 

So how does God demonstrate His love to us now?  God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8).  The cross of Christ is now the picture of the infinite love of God.  Jesus Christ is the light by which we see and the One we behold; we should feast, drink, joy, and delight in Him!

Application:  How do we apply this Psalm and drink deeply from the love of God? 

Memorize it.  God gives us these psalms when we don’t know how to respond to the world around us.  Committing this one to memory is sure to reshape your prayers and thoughts.  God gives us psalms to sustain us in trials.   

Find someone to serve.  For example, if you are prone to depression, remember God’s love is expressed through giving not taking.  Don’t wallow in self-pity.  Share God’s love and lap it up when it’s channeled through you.  

Pray.  This is how David ends the psalm.  Focusing on God’s infinite love renews his confidence to pray. When we face the threat of evil in this world, our first instinct may not be to pray, but it should be. 

If you put every evil deed and thought from all time on one side of a scale- all the hate, gossiping, cheating, murder, profanity, adultery, disrespect for parents, pornography, etc.- and then put the boundless love of God on the other side, God’s love will always outweigh.  How do we know?  He has demonstrated it through Christ’s payment.  Praise God!  Jesus paid it all! 

Tweetable Quotes:

Sin will never make us softer, sweeter people. It always deadens and makes us drowsy to what is good, true, and lovely. #psalm36

We won’t wake up to the sinfulness of sin by continuing to sin more. #psalm36

We come to know what life is because we have communion with the One who gives that life. #psalm36

There has never been a time in the past where God has been less than loving and there never will be. #psalm36

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