Gardening – I have always hated gardening. Now before you dismiss my argument, know that my reason is solid: everything I’ve ever tried to grow has died. Many of you may have read a prior post about the hanging basket that I had all but relegated to the trash can when it vibrantly came back to life. That plant took my prior disdain for gardening and turned it into curiosity. I want to be able to water and nurture and have patience with this living organism and keep it alive. And yet I oftentimes find myself forgetting to water, losing my patience for the process of nurturing the plants.

Recently, my husband, driven by the nostalgia of planting flowers every Mother’s Day weekend for years, has gotten the bug to clean out all of our old flower beds and prepare them for fresh planting this weekend. In my attempt to find something that I would desire to keep alive, I decided upon two blackberry bushes and one raspberry bush…thinking that my love for fresh fruit would win over my apathy for gardening.

It was while we were out purchasing the plants that I took some time to really look them over. I’ve seen them before, but I hadn’t truly seen them before.  As I looked carefully at the plant, I recognized that there were beautiful flowers on it that were eventually what turned into the delicious blackberry fruits.

It was a simple discovery, and yet in it, I learned a valuable truth: we must not lose our wonder.

The Scriptures clearly resound a reason for this in Psalm 104:24: O Lord, how many are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all;the earth is full of Your possessions.

We must never forget that there are countless wonders of the Lord all around us that give our lives intrigue and excitement.

Looking at that blackberry bush reminded me of something that I don’t want to soon forget: when we allow ourselves to become so proud to think that we’ve learned all that is possible from any given thing in life, we’ve forgotten the wonder of the God we serve. His creation is endless with life and forms that we know little or nothing of at all.

Perhaps even moreso this year, I’m aware of this firm reality. This blackberry bush is only one of the mysteries I’ve noticed lately.

Another pressing mystery in my life currently is the twisting and turning baby currently growing in my womb. I’m sure they’ll be plenty of blogs to follow regarding the mysteries and lessons learned from pregnancy and having a child.

They mysteries of the Lord are great, and we are blessed to take part in marveling at Him – enjoying Him through His creations.

So today, no matter where you are in life, never lose your wonder for the creations and mysteries of the Lord Almighty! His magnificence never ceases to amaze!