Behind the Music

We have been singing "Let My Soul Sing" at The Creek for the last several months. This song sings well and has fantastic theology. Melodically, it is a song that is fresh yet at the same time familiar. Textually, it poetically depicts our natural instincts to reject Christ and His pursuit of us. In spite of our rejection, God called and reconciled us back to Him. We love singing songs that focus on salvation being the work of God because it reminds us that without His initiation we would never make any movement toward Him. As a result of the fall, we will never cease trying to justify ourselves, and, in doing so, rejecting the work of Christ. Built into our sin nature is a pride that tells us we are "okay." We want to do it on our own--our own way. The Gospel frees us from this prideful pursuit. Now, we as Christians, have the decision to fight against the self-saving desire. We must fight to see ourselves as justified before God because of Christ alone. Only then can we participate in the good works that are prepared for us.



The stone that was rejected has become the cornerstone
Now my light and my salvation will be found in You alone
Word made flesh You dwelt among us, We were blind and knew You not
Still You called us and in kindness reconciled us back to God
Let my soul sing, You are holy
Let my life bring endless praise
To the only One who's worthy, All the glory to Your name

Your kingdom is advancing like a flood on desert land
For Your power knows no measure and against it none can stand

With Your final breath You purchased what we never could afford
Death is conquered, hell defeated, glory to the risen Lord
Death is conquered, hell defeated, glory to the Risen Lord

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