Message series come and go, and pastors always try to make each series sound like it’s going to be the “one to change your life.”  I’m not going to take it that far, but I will say that this series from I Corinthians 12-14 is truly unique. 

If you’ve attended The Creek long enough, you’ve noticed that we attempt to provide a steady diet of both Old Testament and New Testament.  Also, we interject some topical sermons as well as theological sermons.  Theological series can seem heady and impractical, whereas topical series can have the opposite effect.  

Why is this series unique? 

In short, it combines the best of several worlds.  It’s a verse-by-verse study in I Corinthians:  win.  It’s theological in nature:  win.  However, it will also feel like a topical series and be practical/applicational:  win.  If you’re keeping track, this is a win-win….win!! 

Here are some specific reasons you should take careful notes:  

1.  Every Christian unwittingly lives out a theology of the Holy Spirit

Someone might say, “I’ve tried to figure out this whole spiritual gifts thing, and it just doesn’t make sense to me.  I just don’t find this subject very interesting!” 

If that’s your perspective, then I guarantee you are living a very Spirit-deprived Christian life.  In other words, you have a lot of growing to do! 

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is what makes the Christian life Christian!  We cannot evade a theology of the Holy Spirit.  Even apathy and inactivity reflect a theology, albeit a poor one.  In order to live out a good theology of the Spirit, we need to learn a good theology of the Spirit!

2.  Every Christian is called to serve inside a local church body

This is not an option. The New Testament does not have a category for a Christian who is absent from a local church body, except to call that person an unbeliever.  

You say, “ok, I’ll attend church and put the checkmark in that box.”  Simply attending is not much better than the person who is absent. 

I Corinthians 12 correlates your role in the Body of Christ to the role of a body part in the human body.  Everyone has a function in serving one another for the healthy function of the body.  We will study what this looks like

3.  Every Christian has something special to offer

I’ve heard people say, “I have no talents.”  The problem with that statement is the definition of talents. 

Unfortunately, we’ve tended to equate talents with exceptional abilities performed in public.  Some of the most talented and gifted people have abilities that are never seen publicly.  I’ve seen people who have an uncanny ability to connect with other people.  That is a talent… a much-needed talent in the Body of Christ!  We will work to expand our minds regarding what these “gifts” look like.  

4.   It is potentially dangerous to misunderstand this subject

I emphasized this on Sunday, and I want to reinforce it again.  Paul introduces this section with a grim warning that a bad theology of this subject can lead us to division, disunity, and even demonic activity. 

You cannot simply take the attitude that it’s the church’s job to figure this out.  Because you are part of the Body, and because your role in the Body is critical for the function of the Body, then you must take the time and effort to become theologically astute on this subject. 

Paul already warned us about communion with demons in chapter 10.  His warning is no less poignant in chapters 12-14.  

I’m looking forward to this series.  I hope you are as well!  Let’s learn and grow together as a church.